Radio Player

 About Us


RadioPlayer is a free downloadable radio station application that acts as a search engine for all of radio: songs, artists, shows and stations. Search for your favorite artist and listen to their music. If it’s not playing right now, you’ll find stations that will likely play it which will lead to other music and stations you’re sure to enjoy.


Every 3-5 seconds tens of thousands of online radio stations are checked to see what is playing. That information is used to power a search engine. Searching for artists, song titles, station names, shows or genres are all supported. The stations are from all over the world. About half are internet only stations and half are simulcasters who are transmitting their AM/FM station online as well


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Where do the radio stations come from?

Our directory consists of thousands of third party radio stations located worldwide. We are not a broadcaster and we are not responsible for the stations listed on our directory or the content that broadcaster’s stream.


Where does the on-demand music come from?

When you search using our application, we searches publicly available content from the internet in real-time. We do not host digital music or index websites that provide digital music. We do not have any affiliation with the websites that provide the downloadable content, and we have no way to determine the copyrights of the music content.


Who owns the music content?

You are searching and streaming/downloading free content. We do not pirate or inappropriately use private or secured property. We do not have nor do we host a private database or music collection. We have no affiliation to the content or its host.