Radio station isn’t working

You may not be able to connect to a station for one of the following reasons:


  • The stream may be unreliable or disabled. Search to find and listen to a similar station.
  • The station is experiencing high volume and isn’t currently responding. Try it again later.
  • The station requires a player not available on your product.
  • The network could be down. Try it again shortly.
  • Because of licensing restrictions, stations may not broadcast certain shows or sporting events over the internet. When this happens they might stream silence or a different show altogether.


If your desired station is not working, please check back later.


Radio player song/artist information not displayed

Our provider displays song and artist information in the radio player whenever a station provides that metadata within their stream.  The data may not be real time but may be delayed by several seconds.


Artist request to add music to radio station

At this time we do not have a direct relationship with any radio station or studio so we are unable to assist in providing information on adding your music to the radio.


Adding a song or radio station to your favorites

Did you find a radio station that you love?  You can add it to your favorites for easy access later on.  To add a station to your favorites, click the ‘Add to Favorites’ button that is in the Now Playing status in bottom bar of the application.  Once added, you can access the saved ‘Favorite’ station from the My Favorites menu bar.


Can I listen to AM stations

Yes, AM stations as well as FM stations and Internet only streaming radio stations can be searched on and played in our application


Can I access International Radio Stations

Yes, International stations are included and can be searched on and played in our application


Is there an option to record the music and play it back whenever I like

No, we are not a broadcaster and our service does not host or store digital music content. Our service simply enables you to stream free content from the radio station providers.


How are the Local AM and FM stations determined

Local stations are determined by the IP address of your PC.  Please understand that IP matching to physical address location is not precise and your ISP may be using non-local IP addresses and/or the address may be mapped to a data center location which may be some distance from your actual physical location.  This could result in Local stations not matching your location


What is Top Album and can I hide/remove this column

The Top Album column lists the current most popular albums/artists.  This is not something that can be altered by the end-user.

If you want to remove Top Album from view in the interface, you can hide the column by selecting the grey arrow on upper right of that column.  You can unhide it using the same method.


Why am I seeing Advertisements

Advertising enables us to provide our service without cost to our end-user


Where can I access the software Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Software Terms & Conditions are available by clicking here

Privacy Policy is available by clicking here


Can I upgrade to an ad-free paid version

Not at this time, but it planned for future


How do I uninstall the Application

The Player can be easily removed from your computer using the Windows Add/Remove Programs function